Mama Needs A Cocktail - Bella Canvas Womens Tank Top - Gathered Back & Super Soft

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"Mama Needs A Cocktail" Womens Tank Top Bella Canvas 8800. Hands down this is by far our newest and softest tank top. Super breathable, comfortable, sexy, fashionable, flowy, you will get many compliments on this tank top. We stand behind all of our tank tops and tshirts, but this tank keeps everyone ranting.  Half of our production team is wearing it today.  Take a shot in the dark and try something we promise you wont regret.  If you get it and decide we're lying we will gladly send you your money back for the return of our awesome new everything tank top, printed and designed by our creative Funny Threadz® Brand Designers and production team.

Returns and Exchanges:

Damaged: If you received your order and have a damaged product please message us including pictures of what you received, order #, and platform you purchased on and we will get you a new one on the way.

Exchanges: If you are sending an exchange back to us, please MAKE sure this has not been worn and washed and is in brand new condition. We cannot accept back a shirt thats been worn one night, then returned. You would not like to receive a returned shirt, therefore we ask that all exchanges are in original condition and packaging. 

Wrong Item:  If you received the wrong item please email us immediately, send us a picture of what you received, your order # and platform you ordered from. along with 2 pictures one of the tag area, and a 2nd of the shirt.  From here we will take care of the rest.  Usually 2 pictures and we can send you a correct order out the same day.  

Returns: All returns must be taken care of within 72 HOURS, starting the day the Postal Service delivered your shirt.  We will look up records, we make all shirts custom for you as soon as you order. As we feel sometimes buyers want to make an impulsive buy, then simply return for no apparent reason.  Please TRIPLE check before you hit the buy button, we don't like to deal with returns for the same reason customers don't like to return items. 


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