Flowy Tank Tops: Made to Rule them All

Posted by Adeel Farooqui on

There are different types of tank tops available such as burnout, yoga/racerback, triblend, etc. But their design is such that they are usually suited for a single purpose like workout, yoga, jogging, or cycling. The design of a flowy tank top makes it suitable for all the activities mentioned above. In fact, they are a great alternative to normal t-shirts and seamlessly add style and comfort to your personality. Flowy tank tops are ideal for those women who yet not want to slip into an athletic-fit burnout tank top. If you’re going to a tropical destination to escape the frigid conditions at home, then these tops could be your new besties.


Choose from our impressive assortment of more than 400 flowy tank tops in different colors and sizes. Weighing approximately 5 ounces, these tanks are super light and soft. They are thicker than their burnout counterparts and are available in small, medium, large, and extra large. Also, unlike burnout tank tops that are half a size smaller, flowy tank tops run true to their size and there is no need to order a size up. You can choose from various enchanting colors such as neon orange, heather pink, yellow, neon green, lilac, cancun blue, etc.